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Dynamic Power Electric Hoist Remote Chain Lift 240V 510w 125/250KG
Dynamic Power Electric Hoist Remote Chain Lift 240V 510w 125/250KG

Dynamic Power Electric Hoist Remote Chain Lift 240V 510w 125/250KG


Stop busting your ring spanner trying to lift things the hard way!

Make you life a breeze and keep the health and safety geezer happy at the same time.

This electric winch (hoist) can be bolted to an overhead beam or engine lifter to make short work of any lifting jobs you have around the workshop.

The Electric Hoist is powered by Lateral-Magnetic Single-Phase capacitance motor and fully featured compact lifting solution you’ve been looking for. Capable of reaching a maximum height of 18m, it carries a maximum load of 250kgs using a clever dual pulley and is power by a 510W commercial cycle motor.


Product Features:

  • Powered By Lateral-Magnetic, Single-Phase Capacitance Motor
  • Single Rope Capacity 125kgs / Double Rope Capacity 250kgs used to Hoist Heavy Things
  • Upwards and Downwards Control at your Fingertips
  • Capable of reaching a maximum height of 18m
  • Emergency Stop Switch, Anti-Heat Device and Limit Device to cut the power supply when the hoist is hyper-extended to ensure operational safety
  • Lift-Descend-Reset and boasts an impressive lift speed of 10 meters/min when utilizing single line lift or 5 meters/min when utilizing double line lift
  • Cert: CE, GS and EMC Approval
  • Note: The Electric Hoist is only suitable for vertical lifting


Product Included:

  • Hoist Unit
  • Remote Control
  • Hook
  • Fixed Mount
  • Screws and Washers
  • Instruction Manual


Product Specification:

Brand: Dynamic Power
Single Rope Capacity: 125Kg
Double Rope Capacity: 250Kg
Max. Spindle Stoke:Lifting Height(Single Rope): 18m
Max. Spindle Stoke:Lifting Height(Double): 9m
Liting Speed(Single Rope): 10m/min
Liting Speed(Double Rope): 5m/min
Cable Length: 18m
Cable Diameter: 3mm
Switch Cable Length: 1.7m
Resister Cable: >=800Kg
Main Voltage: 240V/50Hz
Motor Performance: 510W
Service: S3 20%/10min
Gross Weight: 12kg


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Additional information

Weight 11.5 g
Dimensions 35 × 14 × 23 mm
SKU V274-TL-PA250A Category